Dollar Energy Fund

Heat Share

The Heat Share Program assists low-income Columbia Gas customers who have difficulty paying their gas bill. Eligible customers will receive a utility assistance grant applied directly to their Columbia Gas bill.

Heat Share Program:

  • Provides a grant directly to your Columbia Gas utility account
  • Available to customers who may not be eligible for the Energy Assistance Program
  • Income Guidelines: Customers who are eligible for the Heat Share Program will have a household income at or below 175% of the Federal Poverty Income Guidelines.

Am I eligible?

  • Use our Income Calculator to find out if you qualify based on income. Customers who are eligible for the Heat Share Program will have gross (before tax) income that is between 0 percent and 175 percent of the Federal Poverty Income Guidelines.
  • Is your service off or in threat of termination? An applicant must have an active termination notice or have disconnected utility service. An active termination notice will also include a broken agreement letter.
  • Have you made a sincere effort to pay your utility bills? To be eligible, you must have paid at least $50 toward your gas utility bill in the 90 days prior to applying. If the applicant is 62 years of age or older, a reduced payment of $25 dollars within the last 90 days is acceptable.
  • Prior to applying for the Heat Share Program, all applicants must have previously applied for all open and available state and federal programs, including, but not limited to the EA program.

How To Apply

Step 1

You must meet all guidelines to be eligible to receive a grant. Click here to review our eligibility guidelines.

Step 2

Contact nearest Community-Based Organization. Please be aware that hours vary for each organization. Click here to use our Agency Finder to locate all CBOs in your area.

Step 3

Bring all necessary information to your appointment at the CBO. You will need:

  • Valid government issued identification card
  • A copy of your most recent utility bill, including your utility account number
  • Proof of all payments made in the last 90 days
  • Proof of income for yourself and everyone in your household
  • Active termination notice or broken agreement letter or proof his/her utility service is disconnected
  • Names of everyone in your household
  • Birthdates of everyone in your household
  • Social Security Numbers for everyone in your household

Step 4

Complete the application with the CBO intake worker. Once the application is complete, the CBO will submit the application to Dollar Energy Fund.

Step 5

You will receive written notification by mail of your grant decision. If you are awarded a grant, the money will be applied directly to your utility account.

Step 6

Continue to make regular utility payments. A Dollar Energy Fund grant is not a substitute for your regular monthly payment.