Dollar Energy Fund

Hardship Program

Sometimes your clients just need a boost out of a bad situation. Dollar Energy Fund’s Hardship Program can be a sensible solution to get your customers over the hump and to help minimize the impact of this shortfall.

Dollar Energy has more than 23 years experience bridging the gap between the customer’s ability to pay and the utility company’s need to keep cash flowing in. As the fourth largest hardship fund in the country, Dollar Energy has the resources and experience to make a difference to your organization and your customers.

What benefits will your company realize from working with Dollar Energy Fund?

Fundraising and Grantseeking

Dollar Energy’s primary mission is to improve the quality of life for households experiencing hardships by providing utility assistance and other services that lead to self-sufficiency. As a non-profit organization, we raise money and seek grants to help sustain our Hardship Program. Our innovative approaches to fundraising have grown the fund significantly since its inception in 1983. In addition, your contributions provide you with tax benefits and magnify the impact of your investment in the program.

Expert Hardship Fund Administrators

Dollar Energy has developed a highly efficient and effective system of administering our Hardship Program. We are experts at managing every facet of the program and providing you with the data you need to keep your operation running smoothly. Our communication teams reach even hard-to-reach customers, explain the program, verify eligibility, process applications and enroll customers into the program. With iPartner, Dollar Energy Fund’s custom, web-based tracking system, you get all the up to the minute application information you need to keep your customer account records up-to-date.

Reducing the impact on your internal resources

Dollar Energy alleviates the pressure on your billing, collection and call centers by handling many of the most difficult cases. We can link directly with your customer service centers, and will be on hand to answer calls from customers who need assistance. Our real-time application, process monitoring and cash management services mean your staff has to spend less time managing difficult accounts.

Creating better bill-paying customers

Dollar Energy believes in a holistic approach to customer management: if your customers can’t afford all of the basic human needs, they will not be able to improve their situation and their payment problems will be chronic. Dollar Energy’s communication teams are sensitive to these situations; we get to know your customers, inform them about assistance that is available to them, and refer them to the agencies that can help.